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Lil Franks
Lil Franks is a collection of 8,888 hot dog NFTs — unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain. Get a Lil Frank to join the cookout!

SoyFan ⭐ nace para que tu te enfoques en lo que sabes hacer, crear contenido.

About Lil Franks

We're an NFT collection focused on uplifting women and BIPOC photographers in the community.

8,888 Unique Lil Frank tokens generated
from over 140 traits

Ownership & commercial usage rights given to the owners of each Lil Frank holder

25% of ongoing sales reinvested back to the community through our community vault

Release date is November 17th for pre-sale and November 18th AT 9PM to the public.

Minting earns you a Lil Frank Mint Pass, an ERC-1155 token, which will save you gas fees.

You can redeem your Lil Frank by burning your mint pass on November 26th & onwards.

Minting Fee


+ gas for the Lil Franks Mint Pass


Community Art Vault

At Lil Franks we truly value 1/1 art. We'll be actively buying from artists with 25% of all funds raised on an ongoing basis. Alongside supporting artists, each Lil Franks token represents shared ownership in the community vault with a few gems already collected.


Isaac Wright

Where My Vans Go is a collection comprised of 115 iconic images created over the span of three years exploring all over the United States. From coast to coast, between borders and beyond, this series represents the journey that has forged Isaac Wright.

Aidan Tooth

TinyDancer is a collection of images representing the idea of watching a dancer perform from a distance and yet still feeling the explosive energy that comes from witnessing their passion in action.


THEY CALL ME marks the voices of the policed, the labelled and the silenced.


A meditation on the beauty of emptiness and insignificance

Joelle LB

A collection of images I created while star gazing in the mountains. There will be 10 1/1 pieces in this collection. I'm adding one piece at a time instead of dropping the collection all at once.

Sara Zanini

Bird's eye view is a collection of images shot over the last 12 months around Europe. An explorative collection to always wondered what it would be like to fly, to feel free to observe the views from above.

Our Roadmap

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Community Outreach

Throughout our roadmap we will strive to help the inner and outer communities as much as possible.

For the inner: weekly spaces, ongoing collaborations, and active purchases from the photo community.

For the outer: onboarding marginalized groups like women & BIPOC, ongoing education around crypto, NFTs, and smart contracts.

Community Art Vault

25% of all funds will go straight to purchasing photo NFTs from the community to support upcoming and established photographers.

Each Lil Frank serves as a governance token and shared ownership to the community vault.

We will introduce voting in the future to dictate treatment of the vault for additions, fractionalization and more.

Lil Franks Airdrop & Collabs

We’ve already been hard at work on collabs with 3D artists and illustrators in and out of the space. More news coming soon.

Giveaways - NFTs and Physicals

We’ll be giving away upcoming merch, framed artworks, prints, and other nifty gifts to Mint Pass and Lil Frank holders.

IRL Events & Promotion

After watching all of the fanfare at NFT/NYC, you can expect to see the Lil Franks team plan promotions and events very soon.

You might even see us in Miami and Vegas ;)


How much is a Lil Frank mint pass?

Minting a Lil Frank mint pass costs 0.06 ETH. After initial sale you can buy on a secondary market like OpenSea, Zora, etc.

Note: 150 Lil Franks will be withheld from the sale to be used for giveaways, art contests, & more.

Why use mint pass?

A mint pass will help us avoid high gas fees with the use of a much simpler ERC-1155 token vs an ERC-721 token.

Just as well, we'll be adding special utility and gamifying the experience between mint passes and Lil Franks holders.

Is this a fair drop?

We'll be using a Chainlink VRF (Verifiable Random Function) for a proof generation process that ensures that the data cannot be tampered with or altered by anyone for their benefit, including the team!

Is there any utility for Lil Franks?

We're aiming to have utility for IRL events, airdrops, special giveaways and more for both Lil Franks and mint passes holders.

When can I redeem my Lil Franks with my mint pass?

Redemption for your Lil Frank will start November 26th! You can burn it for a Lil Frank or hold it to be entered into special giveaways and drops.

When do you buy from the community?

Every Saturday we host a space where we promote artists and buy pieces live from the photography community!

I'm new here! Explain it to me like I'm 5 :)

8,888 Lil Franks mint passes can be created for 0.06ETH on Nov 18th, as an ERC-1155 token to help keep gas fees low.

You can then choose to keep or burn your mint pass to get a Lil Frank anytime after Nov 26th — each will have their own utility!

Each Lil Frank will live on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS, so the project can live on forever on a decentralized database.

Our team will actively build on the project to bring value to holders in the form of giveaways, airdrops, IRL events, and more!

The Chefs

You can find our collection on OpenSea

Buy a Lil Frank Mint Pass on the secondary market or purchase a mint pass directly here on the site.


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